By: Stine Lise Hatt... | Manager/owner at Pure Consulting | January 28th, 2016

This January, PURE Consulting signed on as the first Shared Value Initiative Consulting Affiliate in Norway.

OSLO, NORWAY – The Shared Value Initiative was created in 2012 to drive the adoption and implementation of shared value strategies by organizations around the world. Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a management concept established in 2011 by renowned strategists Michael Porter of Harvard Business School and Mark Kramer of FSG.

Shared value takes business’s role in society one step further than traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The approach goes beyond the “Do No Harm” mentality, merely showing concern for the social and environmental issues. Instead, shared value identifies how a company can simultaneously develop a profitable business model as well as create relevant social value by identifying and presenting solutions to needs and challenges.

Owner and CEO of PURE, Ms. Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg says, “By working with The Shared Value Initiative, we benefit from gaining knowledge and inspiration from other professionals, businesses, think-tanks and partners that belong to the Initiative. The network will provide us with well-developed, practical initiatives within the field of national and global sustainable development; as well as cutting-edge research evaluating and analysing sustainability strategies and solutions. Being exposed to this flow of ideas and experiences will enrich, inspire, and allow us to grow in our daily work.”

PURE’s motto is “Vibrant and profitable strategies,” and the company has consistently promoted these strategies over the years. PURE has emerged today as one of the largest consultancies in Norway to specialize in sustainability strategies for business.

“I am, of course, very happy that Porter and Kramer’s business philosophy has been received so positively. These are two no-nonsense business thinkers who have uniquely demonstrated why a company must contribute to solving societal issues as well. This approach is also oft-requested by our customers – much more so now than was the case six years ago, when we founded PURE,” continues Stine Lise.

In October 2015, Stine Lise concluded a training course in Boston, USA, to become a certified shared value consultant. Having completed her training and received the certificate, the Shared Value Initiative welcomed PURE to join the Shared Value Consulting Affiliate Network as its first affiliate partner in Norway.

“We are humbled and honoured by this approach, and are looking forward to a profitable collaboration”, says Stine Lise.

The ambitious UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs

Following the adoption in September 2015 at the UN Summit, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) began functioning in January 2016 as official targets for all nations in the world.

“PURE has, since their inception in the spring of 2015, followed the development of the SDGs, and worked with many customers to make the SDGs an operative element of their business strategies. To me, shared value and the SDGs are intertwined. I do not think the SDGs can be implemented without shared value thinking”, says Stine Lise.

Norway’s Prime Minister, Ms. Erna Solberg was appointed by UN’s Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon on January 19 as Co-Chair of a group of eminent persons to assist in a campaign to achieve the SDGs. For her to be successful in her endeavours, the business community and civil society in Norway will have to contribute as best they can.

“We at PURE will certainly do our best. In fact, we have been working with the SDGs for over a year, so we have already created some momentum and will continue to do so,” concludes Stine Lise.

The Shared Value Initiative is a global community of practice to drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society, and government organizations. Operated by FSG with support from a network of funders, the Shared Value Initiative works with partners to curate, develops tools to guide shared value implementation, convenes practitioners to promote best practices, and expands the network of consulting affiliates that aim to provide customized shared value strategy and support.

The Consulting Affiliate Network currently includes nearly 40 firms from over 30 countries around the world that provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments, and civil society organizations.

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