By: Niels Christiansen | Chairman at Christiansen Corporate Advisors | May 31st, 2013

As was pointed out many times at the "Creating Shared Value Summit," the CSV concept is relatively easy to understand. It's the practical implementation that is difficult.

Managers need to be convinced that there is a positive impact on shareholder value and long-term profitability and that CSV strategy needs to emerge from company business strategy, rather than from just a desire to do good. CSV can't be the initiative of the month, but must be built into business planning, governance, management processes, and interal and external communications.  

While each company is different, I would be happy to share my 7 years of experience while Nestle Public Affairs Global VP in gaining Board approval for CSV, designing the Nestle strategy, and implementing CSV in the 120+ Nestle companies around the world.  Having personally invented the term "Creating Shared Value" as a part of the Nestle strategy, I would be happy to share my experiences, both good and bad, with others who are interested in avoiding the pitfalls and making faster progress in the adoption of Shared Value.  I can be contacted at