By: Amit Kapoor | Chair at Shared Value Initiative India | May 12th, 2015

Shared Value Initiative India (SVII) holds the objective of bringing forward the realization, understanding, adoption, and implementation of the best practices for creating shared value among organizations operating in India. SVII wants to tackle the underserved needs of society by engaging partners who have the capacity to create new inclusive business opportunities around social and economic challenges. The initiative would provide a platform for knowledge, experience, research, and thoughts of global leaders and organizations that have embraced shared value thinking and practice within their organizations to be shared.

The aspect of shared value will have impact as a corporate tool across the sector from finance, health, information technology, manufacturing, oil & gas, and others. It would connect corporates, government, media, academic communities, and civil society leaders who are committed to the redefinition of capitalism, towards finding business opportunities in societal challenges, thereby leading to the future prosperity of all Indians. The idea is to change the dominant perspective, by examples, research, and workshops, and bring a human face to the practice of capitalism in India. Enterprises in India across the board who have adopted shared value like Nestle, Mother Diary etc. would create value for the society as a whole.

India being one of the most populated nations of the world has a huge potential for Shared Value Initiative. It can mutually impact the people and organization in a positive manner. The adoption and implementation of the idea will create innovations, which would not just accelerate the economic profits but would also enhance the social progress so as to create a more equitable and sustainable India. It would be about CCRR (Community, Connections, Resources and Results) and looks at bringing a different dimension towards the game of competitiveness as well as transform the nature and idea of competitive advantage.

SVII would do an array of activities in India like Shared Value Leadership Summit, customized workshops, publications, engaging different stakeholders and online dissemination of knowledge via social media tools. This would be about understanding the fascinating mosaic of Shared Value Enterprises within the country. We would also look at creating an index and certifying enterprises who adopt shared value as a tool for economic as well as social development. The initiative will help organizations to get recognized at a global level and build their brand as well as their competitive advantage. Thus promoting the adoption of shared value practices among other organizations.

Shared value is about creating a common language to understand the paradigm. It is not CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) instead it is about strategy wherein we look at reconceiving products and markets, reconfiguring value chains and enabling local cluster development.

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