By: Neil Gaught | Founder at Neil Gaught & Associates | February 29th, 2016

Neil Gaught & Associates is pleased to announce that during February 2016 the firm signed an agreement to join the Shared Value Initiative Consulting Affiliate Network.

Conceived by Harvard Business School’s Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer of US consulting group FSG, shared value is a management strategy that is focused on creating business value through actively addressing social issues. By identifying where and how social problems currently impact or may potentially impact a business, the shared value model helps business identify and focus its resources to deliver solutions that not only increase its competitiveness but at the same time benefit society. Pursuing such a strategy defines a new role for business in society that takes it beyond traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

Neil Gaught says “I have been watching Shared Value develop since reading Porter and Kramer’s ‘Creating Shared Value’ thought piece published in the Harvard Business Review in 2011. It is still in its genesis but momentum is growing and more and more of the world’s leading corporations are embracing and contributing ideas to it. That’s exciting because of the unique influence, scale, reach and creativity shared value driven business’ have to offer as a partner to the much smaller government and NGO’s sectors. If you take into account businesses role in defining and helping shape the Sustainable Development Goals, 2016 has the potential to be a tipping point where mainstream business applies its power and potential to help change society.”

Helping both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations identify, define and position themselves for the future around a Single Organising Idea (SOI®) that simultaneously delivers profit and benefit to society remains the core focus of the firm. Having ongoing access to the latest methodologies, thinking and practices from the professionals that make up shared value’s global community will enhance the firm’s consulting skills and its ability to help its clients achieve their goals.

The shared value approach compliments the firm’s working methodology and some of the proprietary tools Neil was trained on in Boston, USA last October by the Shared Value Initiative team are already being applied to client programs.

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The Consulting Affiliate Network is a carefully selected group of professional services firms around the world that are affiliated with the Shared Value Initiative. The network is central to realizing the Initiative’s objectives of driving shared value adoption as a promising mechanism for helping to address a wide variety of society’s challenges through business initiatives.

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