By: Adrian Gore | Chief Executive at Discovery | February 12th, 2015

This video is the first post in the interview series Leading Shared Value, spotlighting the presenters at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit. Intro by Meghan Ennes:

South Africa-based Discovery operates on a very different kind of insurance model than other insurers – one that focuses customers on wellness. Founder and CEO Adrian Gore (pictured) explains his “epiphany” around the time he first started the business: “The only way you can have sustainable health insurance is by making people healthier,” he realized.

The insurer’s “Vitality” program motivates customers to change harmful behaviors: Customers track essential health indicators and earn points for making progress which they can redeem for rewards. The program not only promotes wellness but also generates cost savings for Discovery.

This “shared value cycle,” as Gore calls it, has become the core of the Discovery business model: “I think the model has the ability to really change global insurance markets, but hopefully make society healthy in the process.”

In this video, Gore maps out the opportunities of the shared value model for both his business and society:

Gore joined the CEOs of Eli Lilly and PSI in the keynote, Building Healthy Shared Value Strategies at the Enterprise Level, at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit: View Event Recap.

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