By: Maria Gotti | Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing Analyst at Enel | May 25th, 2017

Candelaria is a thermal combined cycle gas power plant with an installed capacity of 221 MW, located in the municipality of Candelaria in the north east of Tenerife (Canary Island). The plant is functioning since 1967 (50th anniversary will be celebrated this year) and it has always been crucial for the electrification of the island, most of all due to the increase in the demand of electricity for economic and industrial activities in the area based on local tourism and construction. In the past three decades Candelaria has been the principal electric producer of the island.

The plant has a certified environmental management system ISO 14001 and complies with the Integrated Environmental Authorization, which proves that its activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner. It is also EMAS certified (voluntary European Union legislation), which entails a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental matters verified through independent audits. Despite the latter, the local community is still concerned about the noise levels and emissions caused by the power plant operation.

The presence of households near the Candelaria’s plant requires a very close relation with the local community. In this context, the implementation of a CSV Plan with short and medium term measures aims at improving of the relationship with the local community, promoting a greater integration of the plant with the environment to favor its social rooting.

Hence, these are the most relevant social issues that have been identified jointly with local stakeholders, identifying a series of initiatives and projects of shared value creation, with a positive impact on the community and also a return for the company:

  1. Unemployment and high population rate without access to education: Average unemployment rate amounts to 22% (Spain: 20.9%) among which there are young people under 25 years old that have fewer job contracts. Only 31% of the population finished primary education.

CSV Reply:

  • "Training of Youngsters in Candelaria" program. Aimed at young people under 30 years old, designed with the Red Cross and the City Council of Candelaria, the program is oriented towards the training and attainment of official Assistant of Trades, to cover the professional training for these positions in the region.
  • Training program in the energy sector. Initiative of the Endesa Foundation that seeks to promote employability in the electricity sector by training unemployed people at risk of social exclusion.
  • Barranco de Añaza. Pilot experience with two main axes: environmental and social. The environmental axis consists in the recovery, of the approach of the city towards nature and in the conscience of the society towards sustainability and the environment. The other social axis is to create an alternative learning space that facilitates and promotes the inclusion of a group of young people at risk of social exclusion.
  1. High poverty rates: 24% of households below the poverty line (vs. 22% in the Canary Islands).

CSV Reply:

  • Energy volunteering. Endesa's social project in the field of energy through which the employees of Endesa perform a solidarity action as volunteers, helping homes that are in a situation of fuel poverty. It consists of two types of actions: advice to families for the decrease in their energy bill, and the identification of risk points in their electrical installation, which will later be corrected by expert professionals.
  • Agreements with municipalities: Agreements to ensure provision of electricity to vulnerable families, suitably accredited by social services, and who are in difficult situation.
  • Training for social services and NGOs on issues related to electricity: social bonus, electric bill optimization, efficient consumption, etc.
  1. Ignorance regarding the energy sector and detachment from the value created by the power plant.
  • Endesa Educa. Educational activities in schools on the use of energy, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Videomapping didactic and Open Plant. Opening of the plant to the local environment with measures aimed at disseminating the knowledge of the sector, positioning of the company in terms of sustainability and the activity of the plant in particular
  • Canarias4Life. Awareness-raising workshops on sustainable entrepreneurship, energy efficiency and electric mobility.


Receive a social and institutional acceptance and support that facilitates the power plant operation, providing transparency, reinforcing relations with local community as well as reducing possible negative feedback from local stakeholders. Promote the creating shared value approach in business, Group’s commitment on the UN SDGs: Access to Energy (SDG 7), Economic and Employment Development (SDG 8), Access to Education (SDG 4), and values of the Open Power concept.


Support to social development of the community in the spheres related to employment, energy poverty, education, sustainable entrepreneurship, and environment.

Link “Programa de formación en el sector de la energía”

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