Organization Name:
Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
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Level of Shared Value:
Initiative/ Project Description:

'Bitgaram energy valley " is Glocal(Global+Local) Energy Cluster that Korea Electric Power Corporation,representing electric utility in korea, is driving forward.

KEPCO's headquarter was moved from seoul to local city 'Naju' in Nov. 2014, started that project to enhance mutual growth of KEPCO and local community.

'Bitgaram energy Valley' is ambitous project to create shared value that satisfies both the company and the residents.

< Main Activities >

-build 'Smart City' through convergence of power and ICT

* planning to apply state-of-the-art technology in energy (Microgrid, ESS, EV, AMI, renewable, etc)

- R & D investment: academic-industrial cooperative R & D and training courses

- erect 'Energy Valley Center' for business incubation support (~ '16)

- support for SME fund (200million $)

- support for Youth start-up businesses (30 company, by contest)


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Social Results:

Vitalize local ecomomy by creating Community jobs

- KEPCO and 11 companies had agreement about relocation to Naju. (2015.4)

- Local University Recruiting expanded


Improve energy efficiency by 10% in energy valley area

- by Energy Management System(EMS), AMI, Renewable, ETC

Business Results:

Promote the development of local communities through local governments and academic-industrial collaboration led by KEPCO

- total planned investment in R & D and community contribution by KEPCO : 240million $ (during 2015)


expanding New Markets through New Growth Engines

- Smart Energy Business : Smart City, Energy & IoT based Smart Home, Smart Campus, Smart Drive(EV), etc

- Green Energy Business : PV, Biomass, Wind Power, Eco Island, etc