By: Rossella Piccirillo | Sustainability Project and Practice Sharing at Enel | May 2nd, 2016

Due to a very high fuel poverty rate which leads to missing payments and electricity theft, there was a strong need of increasing customer loyalty. This  is a program that aims to incorporate all sustainability projects developed in Brazil by Enel’s local company - Ampla. The idea behind this program is that services should be more “human” by getting closer to people.

The projects aim at boosting customers’ trust in the company by improving the layout of the stores in order to allow customers and Enel representatives to sit side by side etc. The stores were also equipped with display screens providing advice on energy savings, customers’ rights and responsibilities, and other useful information. Moreover, simple and “user friendly” Comprehensive Customer Service system was developed, to let customers follow up on their orders and claims as well as have fully transparent access to their own data held by the company. The program is focused on educating children, youngsters and adults on the importance of a responsible consumption and production of electricity and natural resources as a means to avoid energy waste, environmental impacts and economic losses.

The program is developed through nine projects:

Consciência Ampla Cidadania

The project aims to disseminate knowledge and practices for responsible consumption and efficient use of energy. Through home visits, conferences and workshops, children, youth and adults learn the concepts related to energy saving and efficiency. Events in offices or business venues are expected to facilitate the exchange of incandescent bulbs with low consumption ones and old refrigerators with more up-to-date and efficient ones. The initiative also promotes the spread of information on social benefits and civil rights, and the approach to new technologies in low-income communities.

Consciência Ampla Com Arte

The project’s main aim is to encourage people in the communities served by the company to generate income through alternatives to traditional jobs, as well as improvement courses of handcraft techniques and management to sales of products.   In general the production materials are recyclable. Exhibitions and bazaars are also used for the promotion and sale of the material produced by artisans. In addition, many pieces are offered for sale at bazaars held at the company. All the revenues go to the artists themselves.

Consciência EcoAmpla

The project promotes Education for Conscious Consumption and encourage habits for the separation of household waste for collection and recycling. Partnerships with recyclers are held for the company's customers to exchange waste for bonus on electricity bills. The project promotes awareness about the proper use of environmental resources by encouraging recycling and conscious use of energy.

Consciência Ampla Eficiente

The project seeks to reduce consumption and educate communities and public utilities to the efficient use of energy. Following technical and safety standards, residential electrical installations are changed for low-income families, day care centers, nursing homes, public hospitals. This includes the exchange of refrigerators and small innovations in homes such as lighting and heat for warm showers.

Consciência Ampla Futuro

Disseminate the importance of conscious consumption of energy and natural resources in schools. Since 2004, teachers carry out activities such as workshops, games and theaters throughout the school year covering topics such as: efficient use of electricity; ethics and citizenship; preservation of the environment; the importance of conscious consumption habits.

Consciência Ampla Oportunidade

The Opportunity program that offers training to young people seeking their first job from 18 to 24 years old, in order to increase their chances of insertion in the labor market. The activities that are carried out are workshops, lectures and dynamics on interview techniques, based on the profile of successful employees and professional ethics. Electrician courses are also offered in the workshops

Consciência Ampla Saber

Workshops and speeches about energy consumption, environment, consumers rights and duties, household economy are performed with bulbs exchange. Promotes the adequacy of energy consumption to the household budget, increasing the ability to pay the electricity bill, and well-being of families.

Consciência Ampla Sobre Rodas

Awareness on wheels is a van that goes around several cities transporting knowledge on energy. The vehicle is equipped with a model that explains how energy reaches houses and is used inside. In addition modern audio visual resources, games, recreational activities and plays for children and youth are offered. In this project, participants attend lectures on efficient consumption of energy, safety and environment, exchange common bulbs with efficient one and contribute to the exchange of refrigerators.

Consciência Ampla Digital

This is a Digital platform that offers courses in computer science and encourages the use of the Internet to create tools that facilitate the lives of users, aiming at the integration of young people and adults in the labor market.

Consciência Ampla’s role is to provide energy for those who fight for a healthy, efficient and responsible world. 


Debt collection from delinquent customers, reduction of energy theft, introduction of technological innovations in the distribution network and social-economic development for activating potential new customers.


Access to electricity, ease issues with the electricity bill, possibility of discounts in exchange of waste and increase safety in the use of electricity. Socio-economic development and creation of companies to resolve local problems and restore social balance (Red de Liderança)

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