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A Successful Start for introducing Shared Value
By: Keary Shandler | 2 years 3 weeks ago | Permalink
Earlier this year, I posted advice that I was about to teach a new unit within our MBA program here in Dubai, entitled "Business, Society and the Environment".  For the first 25 or so students, this inaugural unit proved to be unconventionally thought-provoking primarily because class delivery was largely based on debate and heavy discussion, challenging bias, opinion and beliefs.  For... more
Interview for Master thesis - Creating Shared Value
By: Noémie Frohn | 2 years 1 month ago | Permalink
Dear all, My name is Noémie and I am a French student enrolled in a Master of Science in Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. In the frame of my master thesis, I have decided to analyze the concept of Shared Value and its corporate practices. The main issue I would like to discuss is the following: The concept of Creating Shared Value to cure capitalism: utopia or reality?... more
An Introduction My Thesis And Sharing Opinions
By: Jeongki Lee | 2 years 3 months ago | Permalink
Hi everyone! I'm Jeongki Lee, a freelanced researcher in South Korea, having M.S. degree of Business Administration. I want to introduce my thesis to you and to share diverse opinions. The purpose of my study is to classify CSV. In this dissertation, I suggested a framework for classifying CSV based on two perspectives – the source of value creation and the result of value creation –.... more
Recommendation of my Book
By: Test Test | 2 years 4 months ago | Permalink
Hi everyone, I would like to poste the link to my awarded and published master thesis. During my research I created a strategy development process for a Creating Shared Value strategy which is based on the Theory U. Kind regards  Claudia 
Special Issue Call for Papers from Competitiveness Review: CSV - Restoring the Legitimacy of Business and Advancing Competitiveness.
By: Markus Scholz | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
We are pleased to announce a call for papers on the topic: Creating Shared Value: Restoring the Legitimacy of Business and Advancing Competitiveness. The special issue will be published in the Competitiveness Review, a journal that aims to be the leading platform for academic research and conceptual policy dialogue on the competitiveness of locations. As detailed in the... more
How can Fast Moving Consumer Goods corporations create shared value through community-based energy initiatives in Brazil?
By: Pablo Llopis | 2 years 7 months ago | Permalink
Dear Shared Value Initiative Community, I am deveoping the Master Thesis "How can Fast Moving Consumer Goods corporations create shared value through community-based energy initiatives in Brazil?". One part of this study considers the study of motivations of corporations from all sectors when undertaking shared value activities. With the aim of gathering the views from ... more
Integrating Shared Value into our Business Community through Education
By: Keary Shandler | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
I am very pleased to be leading and facilitating a new post graduate unit at Murdoch University Dubai centred around Business, Society & the Environment.  This unit will be offered for the first time in January 2016 and will help address the need for our private and public sector to be armed with practical tools and knowledge to improve the integration and collaboration between our... more
Teaching Shared Value On the Ground
By: David Laurel | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
David Laurel pictured (center) teaching his immersive shared value course in the Philippines. As business leaders adopt pressing social issues like the new global goals into their core profit-making models, more and more the concept of shared value is being implemented in the mainstream. Shared Value Initiative Consulting Affiliate David Laurel knows this well, having worked for shared... more
Looking for SV Case study candidates in West Africa (Ghana - Ivory Coast)
By: Issiaka Zougba | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
I am a phd candidate in organizational studies from the Catholic University of Milan conducting field research (case studies) on shared value creation in emerging markets. I am currently based in Ghana for a 6-month field work. My focus is on organizations and businesses of the shared value community operating in Ghana and Ivory Coast within any industry sector. My research design implies semi-... more
Welcome to the Shared Value Initiative's Academic Community
By: Stacy Neal | 2 years 8 months ago | Permalink
A new hub to share research and connect with other academics on shared value. (Photo: Unsplash) By Stacy Neal and Katie Schlepp Zatorski For the past three years since our launch at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meetings in 2012, the Shared Value Initiative has focused on building communities of practice. We’ve worked with leading companies, multilateral organizations, and the... more