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Discovery Limited
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With nearly 6 million clients across 4 continents, Discovery offers a range of insurance and financial products. A core customer loyalty program, Discovery Vitality, was launched in the South Africa market in 1997 and is designed around evidence-based interventions and behavioral economics to improve health outcomes. The program encourages customers to track essential health indicators and set goals for improved health, then earn points by making progress—completing assessments, exercising, purchasing healthy food, quitting smoking, and losing weight. As customers earn points, they can redeem various rewards, including cash back, discounts at retailers, travel or mobile phone credit, and more. 

Social Results:

The Discovery Vitality program encourages healthy behavior among Discovery customers, improving health outcomes and, by extension, reducing medical costs associated with health plans over the long term. Since its launch in South Africa in 1997, the program has expanded to the UK, U.S., and China.

Business Results:

According to an earnings statement released by Discovery CEO Adrian Gore in February 2014, the company's significant investment in the Vitality program and brand has led to higher new business levels, strong loss ratio and lapse rate performance, and product innovation opportunities that create further competitive advantage. The company has experimented with integrating the Vitality program into an integrated life assurance product being launched in Singapore in 2014, demonstrating the additional possibilities for the program to drive business and social outcomes.