These interactive workshops at the Shared Value Leadership Summit feature hands-on problem solving with other practitioners from across sectors and geographies. You'll leave the lab with tangible next steps for changing the world – whether it's an action agenda for the field or a to-do list for applying the shared value approach to your organization. 

May 10, 2016 | 2:45 PM

The Power of Corporations


Business Model Innovation in Emerging Markets
Social enterprise can play a valuable bridge role between end users and large corporations. How can their efforts be scaled to improve access to markets, resources, and better livelihoods? Learn how nonprofits, impact investors, corporations and social enterprises can work together to bridge the entrepreneurial gap through innovative business models and collaboration in emerging markets.

  • Amit Kapoor, Executive Director, Shared Value Initiative-India
  • Yasmina Zaidman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Acumen Fund
  • Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director, Roland Berger
  • Hari Seedhar, CEO, Soen Audio
  • Maarten Koomans, Institute for Competitiveness / Shared Value Initiative India
  • Mark Esposito, Professor, Harvard Extension School; Fellow, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • Rajeev Dubey, CEO, Aftermarket Sector, Mahindra Group


Advancing Equity through Shared Value Strategies
Societal inequality can impede economic growth and performance. Companies have an opportunity to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through shared value strategies—but many haven’t yet identified the opportunity, much less the pathways to get there. Join leading experts in the equity field to explore the powerful role corporations can play in closing the inequality gap through bold leadership and a shared value mindset. 

  • Angela Glover Blackwell, President & CEO, PolicyLink
  • Josh Kirschenbaum, Vice President of Strategic Direction, PolicyLink
  • Lalitha Vaidyanathan, Managing Director, FSG


Intrapreneurship, Unimagined Markets, and Shared Value
The concept of “intrapreneurship” has recently gained in visibility and become an “on-trend” topic, and the notion of purpose-driven individuals driving change within organizations is being broadly adopted with many different interpretations. But rather than happening by chance, intrapreneurship can be consciously cultivated by organizations to unleash new growth and uncover unimagined market opportunity through shared value. This session will explore how organizations can develop intrapreneurial capability to achieve greater shared value results, and invites participants to develop recommendations for tools and processes that can enhance this capability.

  • Milan Samani, Founder, The Intrapreneur Lab
  • Mark Thain, Director, Social Innovation, Barclays
  • Amanda Gardiner, Vice President, Sustainability and Social Innovation, Pearson
  • Bob Thomas, Managing Director, Accenture Institute for High Performance  


Addressing Organizational Barriers to Shared Value: The Business Journey
While shared value is a business-led strategy, many practitioners are moving companies along the journey from roles in CSR, sustainability, or related fields. Learn from peer practitioners how to align a portfolio of social activities more strategically with business interests to drive shared value throughout the business

  • Karin Steinmann, Director, Value Access and Policy, Amgen
  • Lena Hök, Head of Sustainability, Skandia
  • Lykke Schmidt, Global Advisor, Novo Nordisk
  • Mitchell Davis, Director, Global Shared Value, Elanco
  • Shira Kilcoyne, Director, Government Affairs, International, GSK
  • Sebastien Mazzuri, Director, FSG


New Measurement Models to Capture Shared Value
The shared value field is rapidly evolving, and new measurement tools are needed to capture the intersection between shared value strategy, business returns, and social outcomes. Practitioners will share their new measurement models, and participants will explore applications to their own shared value work.

  • Ian Pallister, Global Head, Innovation Practice, Palladium
  • Eduardo Tugendhat, CEO, CARANA Corporation, a division of Palladium
  • Sasha Courville, Head, Corporate Responsibility Policy, National Australia Bank
  • Sam Duncan, Head of Impact, LeapFrog Investments


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May 11, 2016 | 11:00 AM

The Power of Collective Action

Models for Collective Action and Impact
While individual companies have proven shared value strategies at the initiative or enterprise level, many see the greatest potential in collaborative action among actors representing different industries and sectors. Two unique collective action platforms for shared value collaboration—the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative and Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health)—will share their models for pre-competitive, shared value-aligned efforts that tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to identify shared interest among diverse actors, and help to generate insights and action plans for these exciting collective efforts. 

  • David Milestone, Senior Advisor, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact, USAID
  • Shira Kilcoyne, Director, Government Affairs, International, GSK
  • Serufusa Sekidde, Director, Aspen Management Partnership for Health
  • Phyllis Heydt, Vice President, Frontline Delivery, MDG Health Alliance
  • Nicole Trimble, Executive Director, 100,000 Opportunities Initiative
  • Amy Kavanaugh, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Taco Bell
  • Julie Gehrki, Senior Director, Business Integration, Walmart Foundation


Financing Your Shared Value Initiative: Alternative Sources
Capital is critical to develop and launch any new business idea. Generally, an organization’s shared value initiatives are funded through internal sources or new revenue streams—but what about accessing capital outside the organization? Join a range of investor experts to understand how external financing could be harnessed to unleash a new wave of innovation and growth through shared value.

  • Damian Payiatakis, Director of Impact Investing, Barclays
  • Robert Kaplan, Managing Director, Closed Loop Fund
  • Sasha Courville, Head, Corporate Responsibility Policy, National Australia Bank
  • Diego Durazo Cerecer, Head, Americas Fund, Danone Ecosystem Fund
  • Mark Thain, Director, Social Innovation, Barclays
  • Shuaib Siddiqui, Head of Portfolio, Acumen Fund
  • Daniel Epstein, CEO, Unreasonable Group
  • Kerry Conway, Private Sector Development Advisor, Business Engagement Hub, Private Sector Department, UK Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Brian Trelstad, Partner, Bridges Ventures
  • Eriko Ishikawa, Global Head, Inclusive Business, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Scaling for Impact: Connecting Corporates and Pioneers of New Technology Solutions for the Poor
Technology has played a crucial role in meeting basic needs and enhancing human development—yet many solutions remain out of the reach of the global poor due to lack of implementation at scale, poor adaptation, or high cost. Partnerships between corporations and pioneers of new technology solutions can be a powerful way to bring new ideas to market, accelerate scale of impact for the poor, and enhance business performance. This session will focus on the potential for corporations to address the technology gap, and encourage participants to identify opportunities for future action. 

  • Harvey Koh, Managing Director, FSG
  • Renuka Gadde, Vice President, Global Health, BD
  • Andrew Taylor, Vice President, Investments, Grand Challenges Canada
  • Shashi Buluswar, Co-Founder, LIGTT


A Guide to Cross-Sector Collaborations: Identifying the Right Partner
Creating productive shared value partnerships is challenging. Hear inspiring stories from those who have made successful relationships work—and identify some potential matches of your own.

  • Cate O’Kane, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Philanthropy, PSI
  • Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global
  • Lisa Bonadonna, Vice President, Government Affairs, Public Policy, and Patient Advocacy, GSK
  • Luciana Bonifacio, Chair, Global Corporate Partnerships Group, Save the Children
  • Ryan Whalen, Director, Strategic Initiatives, The Rockefeller Foundation


Employee Well-Being: Addressing the Whole System
Attending to employee wellness—whether personal health, community well-being, or financial strength—can provide significant shared value returns to employers in all industries. Learn how some organizations are addressing employee well-being across the system through innovative programs and partnerships.

  • Derek Yach, Executive Director, The Vitality Institute and Chief Health Officer, Vitality Global, The Vitality Group
  • Christine Sow, President and Executive Director, Global Health Council
  • Kate Griffin, Vice President, Programs, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)
  • Andrew Crighton, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Prudential Health and Wellness


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