May 12, 2015 | 2:30 PM

The “Why”: Focus on Issues

Identifying Opportunities in Global Health: New Perspectives

Global health challenges don’t just affect companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, or health care space. The health and well-being of employees, consumers, and societies impacts all corporations—and innovative businesses are actively seeking solutions to these challenges. Further, health advances are dependent on progress in other sectors, critically in employment, education, water, sanitation, energy and infrastructure. Increasingly shared value solutions that are able to integrate investments across these sectors will have the greatest impact. Join cross-industry representatives to take on a co-creation challenge to identify shared value opportunities in global health and structure investments for success—and pitch your ideas to a panel of experts.


  • Chair: Leith Greenslade, Vice Chair, MDG Health Alliance
  • Christian Spano, Global Lead for Socio-Economic Development, Anglo American
  • Ann-Marie Sevcsik, Program Director, UBS Optimus Foundation
  • Maarten van Herpen, Innovation Director, Philips Africa


Mobilizing Tomorrow’s Workers: Solutions to Youth Employment

Globally, unemployment among young people has reached historic peaks, prompting warnings of an impending crisis. By adopting a shared value mindset, both within companies and as a collective, the private sector can be a critical partner to NGOs, governments, and educational institutions in tackling the looming challenges of youth unemployment at scale. Companies can create shared value by sourcing and training the employees, suppliers, and customers they need to grow their business—while also addressing the social problems associated with youth marginalization.  Through an interactive exercise, participants will shape engagement strategies for youth employment using a shared value lens and generate ideas for application within their own organizations.


  • Chair: Jamie McAuliffe, President and CEO, Education for Employment
  • Carla Javits, President and CEO, REDF
  • John Irons, Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation
  • Lisa H. Neuberger, Director of Corporate Citizenship Programs, Accenture
  • Kate Tallant, Director, FSG


Food Stability: Opportunity in Climate-Smart Agriculture?

Some of the strongest shared value examples to date come from the food and agriculture sectors. As we enter an era marked increasingly by food insecurity and global supply disruptions, companies are designing sourcing programs to grapple with climate related issues such as increased disease, weather extremes, increasing temperatures and changes in precipitation. Many leading companies are pursuing strategies that combine supply chain efficiencies and increased resilience in the face of climate issues (adaptation) with reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation). Learn from industry leaders exploring the future of food in this interactive session.  


  • Chair: Daniella Malin, Sr. Program Manager, Agriculture & Climate, Sustainable Food Lab 
  • Martha Schlicher, Global Stakeholder Engagement Lead, Monsanto 
  • Sasha Courville, Head of Corporate Responsibility Strategy, National Australia Bank 
  • Sean de Cleene, Senior Vice President, Global Initiatives, Yara International
  • Caroline Kronley, Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation


The Multiplier Effect: Delivering for Women

As consumers, producers, and reproducers, women make up more than half the world’s population—and comprise its largest emerging economy. For business, this means short- and long-term success hinges on the health, education, and productivity of women. This session will feature first-hand accounts from leaders who have used a variety of philanthropic, CSR, and shared value strategies to reimagine supply chain operations, product and service innovation, and workforce development in ways that have improved the lives of women while delivering business value for companies. Following brief presentations, panelists will guide participants in a generative exercise to identify and map shared opportunities and potential areas for future action among participants—with the ultimate aim of advancing collaboration that endures beyond the Summit.


  • Chair: Katja Iversen, CEO, Women Deliver 
  • Suzanne Fallender, Director, Girls and Women Initiative, Intel Corporation 
  • Mary Ellen Iskenderian, CEO, Women’s World Banking
  • Beatriz Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Daniel Lee, Executive Director, Levi Strauss Foundation


May 13, 2015 | 11:00 AM

The “How”: Focus on Functions

Measurement Systems: Addressing Complexity in Outcomes Assessment

Many organizations have been challenged by the inherent complexity in measuring both social and economic impact through a shared value lens. In this session, leading experts in the measurement field discuss approaches to complementary frameworks, and attendees dig in to the challenges of measuring for shared value outcomes.  


  • Chair: Malcolm Preston, Partner, Global Leader, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC 
  • Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé 
  • Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, BD
  • Kelle Bevine, Chief of Strategy, Structured and Corporate Finance Department, Inter-American Development Bank


Leveraging the Power of Brands: Differentiating the Shared Value Enterprise

How does shared value change brands? It’s one of the big questions in the shared value community. Brands are under pressure. Brand differentiation is increasingly difficult to achieve. Expectations for transparency and accountability are high in the age of social media. The highly desirable Millennial market wants brands that do good. Yet, far too many brands are not fulfilling their promises to society. CMOs, brand managers, and other practitioners are increasingly making the connections between brand purpose and social need, but many still view shared value for brands as the latest evolution of cause marketing or CSR marketing. 

If shared value is about finding business opportunity in unmet societal needs, then shared value for brands must translate social purpose into real social impact—for and with customers or consumers—while creating brand and business value.  We must now consider: How can brands do better? In this lab, we will explore how B2B and B2C companies can better align their brands and shared value initiatives to more effectively and credibly pursue social impact.


  • Benoit Beaufils, Founding Partner, Innate Motion
  • Cristiane Bourbonnais, Owner, Cohesion Strategies
  • Beth Colleton, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, NBCUniversal
  • Leontine Gast, Managing Partner, The Terrace
  • Rob Holzer, Founder and CEO, Matter Unlimited
  • Mary Merrill, Global Director, Sustainability Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Diego Recalde, Global Marketing Director, Juice Platforms, The CocaCola Company
  • Dane Smith, Managing Director, FSG


Organizational Innovation: Transforming Business Models to Create Shared Value

Much like traditional R&D and innovation efforts, launching a shared value initiative or business line necessitates a series of internal steps—vision, advocacy, support, execution, and results—that take time and leadership to develop. Many of the best shared value organizations have innovatively evolved their corporate structures to better facilitate new business models that create social and business results. In this session, participants will consider several transformative shared value business models and engage in a group exercise to brainstorm applications within their own organizations. 


  • Chair: Derek Yach, Executive Director, Vitality Institute
  • Dean Dowie, Senior Vice President, Industrial Markets Business Development, Veolia
  • Angela Simo Brown, Head of Social Change Strategy, Loyalty One 


Leadership and Employee Engagement: Shared Value Advocacy within an Organization

Increasingly, employees are not just motivated by corporate performance or compensation, but by purpose. Shared value presents a unique opportunity to engage employees in the corporate mission. This session will explore strategies for internal shared value advocacy from the top to the bottom of the organization, including experiential learning, creating enabling environments for intrapreneurs supporting shared value, and creating leadership development opportunities at the enterprise level.


  • Co-Chair: Deirdre White, CEO, PYXERA Global 
  • Talya Bosch, Vice President, Social Ventures, Internal Communications and Transformation Communications, Western Union
  • Heekyung Min, EVP, Global CSV, CJ Group 
  • Mark Thain, Vice President of Social Innovation, Barclays


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