The Affiliate Network is a carefully selected group of professional services firms around the world that are affiliated with the Shared Value Initiative.  By joining the Affiliate Network, Members become part of an emerging global community of practitioners providing shared value consulting and communications services. The Affiliate Network is central to realizing the Initiative’s objectives of driving the adoption and implementation of shared value strategies to address society’s greatest challenges.

Affiliate Network Members benefit by: (1) joining a robust community of practice around shared value; (2) sharing knowledge and tools with a global network of practitioners skilled in creating economic and societal value; (3) gaining access to FSG’s proprietary tools and methodologies; and (4) enhancing the Member organization’s shared value consulting skills and competitive advantage in the marketplace. For a select group of firms, the Network can also help position an organization as a regional leader in advancing shared value for the field.

Membership in the Affiliate Network is determined through a competitive application process. Applications are welcome from a wide variety of professional services firms that are aligned with the Initiative’s mission to drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies globally. The Initiative assesses applicants for membership in the Affiliate Network based on five criteria:

  • Consulting sophistication in shared value or demonstrable expertise in a related field with intent to expand into shared value consulting.
  • Geographic diversity among firms to ensure the Affiliate Network has global coverage and avoids saturation in specific countries and regions.
  • Diversity of consulting disciplines among firms to ensure a wide variety of consulting expertise is represented.
  • Field-building commitment and capacity to expand the adoption, implementation, and global practice of shared value beyond selling the firm’s own consulting services.
  • Reference checks with past clients, business associates, local civil society organizations, and/or current Affiliate Network Members.

In order to be considered for Network membership, firms must submit an online application, participate in an interview with Initiative staff, and participate in a 3-day certification training offered by the Initiative. Questions regarding the Consulting Affiliate Network and the shared value training may be directed to Katie Zatorski, Member Services Manager ( 

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Ariel Sanmartin, Panama
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Palladium Group

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Thaipat Institute

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