This webinar hosted by the U.S. Water Partnership defines the concept of shared value and provides examples of water sector companies that are active across all levels of shared value creation—for example Veolia, Kemira, and Jain Irrigation have all been actively reconceiving products and markets with shared value in mind. Jain specifically has become a global leader in drip irrigation by tailoring its system to farmer needs. The Coca-Cola Company is also making key investments to increase the global availability of water, an essential ingredient in many of their products.

The webinar presentation features the following speakers:

  • Valerie Bockstette, Managing Director, FSG
  • Samantha King, Senior Consultant, FSG
  • Arani Kajenthira, Senior Consultant, FSG
  • Dr. Dillip Kulkarni, President, Agri-Food Division, Jain Irrigation
  • Greg Coch, Global Head of Water Stewardship, The Coca-Cola Company

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