By applying a shared value lens, insurance companies can do more than just protect against risks. They can help prevent risks from occurring in the first place, while simultaneously creating economic value.

Skandia is a major provider of insurances and products for long-term savings and investments in the Nordics. Their development of a unique underwriting model and rehab services network enabled them to reduce perventable sick-leave time in Sweden, while dramatically improving their bottom line.

When working with the case study, please consider these learning questions:

  1. What is Shared Value? How can you create Shared Value?
  2. What are Skandia’s business priorities?
  3. What are the most important societal challenges in Sweden?
  4. Which unique assets does Skandia have to address these challenges?
  5. Where do you see the biggest opportunities to create shared value? How do they align with the above?
  6. How should Skandia approach these opportunities? What immediate next steps would you recommend?  
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