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Shared Value Project


The Shared Value Project is the peak practice body for shared value in Australasia, and the exclusive regional partner of the Shared Value Initiative. We drive adoption and implementation of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society and government organisations by providing thought leadership, knowledge and networks.

Through our program of workshops, training and events we encourage individuals, organisations and change agents to view the creation of social value as a major competitive advantage, a driver of innovation, and foundation for long-term economic prosperity.

Key Focus Areas

  • Membership
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Events & Networking
  • Education & Training
  • Projects & Collaboration



Shared Value Initiative India


Shared Value Initiative India connects the business and community leaders towards defining the practice of shared value in India. This initiative is committed to bringing forward the realization, understanding, adoption and implementation of the best practices for creating shared value among the companies, civil society and government organizations in India, thereby accelerating the economic and social progress towards a more equitable and sustainable world.


Shared Value Africa Initiative


Africa has specific needs that cannot be addressed from the outside in; there’s a real need for African-driven solutions to African problems, and Shared Value is the key. For the innovative, forward-thinking business, real growth opportunities can be found in addressing social challenges. The African continent is at a critical crossroads. The twenty-first century can be the era when Africa lifts itself out of poverty – if business silos and cross-border barriers can be eliminated. It is imperative that we create a network backed by businesses, both established and start-up, to collaborate, co-operate and engage to build stable, prosperous and sustainable economies, that leave no one behind.


  • Bring together businesses and business communities from across Africa with a common purpose: to build the African economy. To shift Africa from being the poorest continent to the most economically viable. To bring about change at scale.


  • Through partnership with a variety of stakeholder groups, including regional and national corporations, non-profits, multi-and bilat eral development agencies and foundations, the SVAI will create Africa’s most powerful business network.


  • Collaboration is key to Africa realizing its potential in the twentyfirst century. It is time for business to step up. Indeed, it is sound business for companies to incorporate social development into their strategy. Africa’s challenges are great, yet they hold opportunities for sustainable growth and profit potential.

Our Common Purpose

  • To build the African economy for our people and our continent.


Shared Value Project Hong Kong


The Shared Value Project is leading the development of Shared Value in Hong Kong through advocacy, a knowledge repository, peer to peer sharing, and practice. As part of the Shared Value Initiative global network, we aim to align profit with purpose and harness the strengths of big business to address complex social issues in Hong Kong and regionally. We promote the competitive advantages gained by strategically aligning business to create social impact. The business case for shared value creation (as defined in Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s HBR article) is compelling.

As a corporate-funded not for profit, Shared Value Project Hong Kong will provide a partnership platform and facilitate tri-sector collaboration on projects of common interest. Leading the development /adoption of shared value creation by example, our first initiatives will be in the areas of HK’s mental health and Youth Development, and we will shortly be scoping the projects.

The goal is to create sustainable, scalable business opportunities that at the same time address factors that otherwise contribute to large scale social issues.


India Regional Partner

Learn more about shared value's new presence in India from SVII Chairman Amit Kapoor. Shared Value Initiative India

Shared Value Project

The Shared Value Project is the Initiative's exclusive regional partner in Australia, collaborating to raise awareness and build a global community of shared value practice in the Australiasia region. Shared Value Project

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