National Australia Bank


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Priority Social Issue

  • Financial Inclusion


About NAB

National Australia Bank Group (the Group) is a financial services organisation with over 12,400,000 customers and 42,000 people, operating more than 1,800 stores and Service Centres globally. Our major financial services franchises in Australia are complemented by businesses in New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each of our brands is uniquely positioned, but built on a common commitment to provide our customers with quality products and services, fair fees and charges, and relationships built on the principles of help, guidance and advice.



We recognise that a bank has a special responsibility.

Our business is founded on a commitment to create more of what matters for people, communities and the economy – a belief that motivates our people to do the right thing, show passion for customers, demonstrate a will to win, be bold and show respect for people.

Our responsibility is an integral part of our strategy and our approach to corporate responsibility (NAB: Business at a Glance).


Shared Value Work

The bank instituted a new bank-wide strategy in 2009, seeking competitive advantage by offering a fairer proposition to its customers. Alongside several other initiatives, the bank created NAB Care, a program to provide financial hardship advisory and loan repayment options for struggling customers. Different from so many CSR-driven financial education programs, NAB Care operates through the core business and is fully integrated with NAB’s collections department. However it also introduces a new approach to typical operations – NAB’s head of collections engaged a mental health nonprofit, Life Line, to provide all NAB Care employees with training to recognize and manage customer financial hardship. The bank also changed their employee performance evaluations to incentivize and reward staff for proactively managing customer financial health. 

As of 2013, NAB Care had helped over 100,000 vulnerable customers, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in loan defaults; 47 percent of hardship cases were cleared within six months. NAB Care has been so successful that 40 percent of the bank’s clients voluntarily seek advice before a collections event, saving NAB $7.2 million in costs (Banking on Shared Value). 

Docklands, Australia