The Consulting Affiliate Network is a consortium of independent consulting firms around the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

Affiliates have been selected, trained and certified in shared value consulting by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative. Each firm operates independently in its own geographic region, but shares a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to the practice of shared value. These organizations have been chosen for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact.

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or civil society organization interested in applying the benefits of shared value to your work, or a consulting firm interested in joining this world-class consortium, the Consulting Affiliate Network is an essential partner in creating shared value strategies.

CAF America offers global advisory &  grantmaking services to corporations, foundations, and high net worth individuals. Through our work, we help donors support great causes by assisting them in making strategic, effective, and tax-advantaged grants both internationally and domestically.

Avanzi consults across several issues: shared value (assessment, strategy, implementation, accountability); CSR (assessment, strategy, implementation, accountability); and corporate philanthropy (strategy, pilot projects).

As the leading multilateral lender for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) partners with clients to mainstream shared value investments by offering tailor-made appraisals that demonstrate the financial potential to improve returns both for a client’s business and its community.

Social Ventures Australia, an independent nonprofit organization, invests in social change through helping to increase the impact and build the sustainability of the social sector. SVA works with high potential organizations fostering solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the community, with a focus on education and employment outcomes. SVA provides funding and strategic support and offers consulting services to the social sector more broadly.

PBSP is a 42 year old membership-based organization backed by more than 200 local and multi-national corporations operating in the Philippines. PBSP has two Business Units: The Center for Social Development Management and The Center for Corporate Citizenship.

The Institute for CSR Innovation focuses on shared value strategy, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation.

CSR Consult focuses on strategic approach and developing concepts of social responsibility that help to connect core business of the company with its social impact and discover win-win solutions. The firm believes that shared value that goes beyond traditional CSR and sustainability can be an important driver in Czech economy’s future.

Thaipat Institute is a public organization established in 1999 with its aim in promoting CSR and sustainability practices in private sector. Through its CSV area, Thaipat strives to advance the research and training; and to provide consulting services for companies on the shared value journey.

Cre-en Inc. conducts business with the mission of “creating a future for Earth filled with radiant smiles” and the vision of “realizing a sustainable society.”  To achieve this, it provides consulting services in the area of shared value strategies, CSR management, long-term scenario analysis, and more.

Lotus Consulting is a strategic advisory firm based in Beijing supporting clients to create social impact and manage change effectively. We provide consulting, research and capacity building services to companies, foundations, nonprofits and schools primarily in Asia.


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