The Consulting Affiliate Network is a consortium of independent consulting firms around the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

Affiliates have been selected, trained and certified in shared value consulting by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative. Each firm operates independently in its own geographic region, but shares a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to the practice of shared value. These organizations have been chosen for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact.

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or civil society organization interested in applying the benefits of shared value to your work, or a consulting firm interested in joining this world-class consortium, the Consulting Affiliate Network is an essential partner in creating shared value strategies.

KJAER ADVICE specializes in strategic partnership formation and multi-stakeholder collaboration – thereby creating shared value.

We help multi-national companies, governments and NGOs refine their strategic thinking; make better use of their potential and set new direction. We multiply the success rate of any collaborative project by making sure that our clients engage in the right partnerships.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, our strategic advisory services apply to all sectors and our client base currently covers Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Areas of Expertise: Cross-Sector Partnership Collaboration, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Innovation and Sustainability Planning, Strategic Communication, Partnership Training. Additional expertise in Social Enterprise, Initiative Design, Implementation, Innovation & Design. 

PROFITAS is the leading political and regulatory advisory firm in Ecuador. We help companies manage their non-market environment and deal effectively with the opportunities and threats it poses to their business activities.

Matter Unlimited is an integrated strategic marketing and communications company dedicated to serving clients that embrace shared value, sustainability and social change as guiding principles.

Umalia is a consulting firm that assists businesses in realizing the tremendous potential of their engagement towards improved businesses and society.  

We work along the whole value chain of corporate social engagement, from philanthropy strategies to Corporate Social Responsibility and up to Creating Shared Value to create strategies that enhance competitiveness and differentiation while advancing economic, social and environmental conditions.

We also collaborate with non-profit organizations and communities to implement impactful partnerships with private sector partners and we support them in making changes that enhance their performance.

Our clients include multiple stakeholders (private sector, non-profit organizations, UN agencies, academia, communities). Although we have offices in Canada and in Colombia, our work has taken us over North America, South America and several African countries. 

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Corporate Philanthropy, Organizational Change, Nonprofit / NGO, Community Development, Women's Empowerment, Partnerships


We are a consulting firm dedicated to uniting objectives for social transformation. We are committed to help business leaders, government agencies, and social organizations to find common languages, methods, and ways to collaborate in order to generate social progress. / Our main purpose is to create social impact in an intentional, methodical, and sustainable way by transforming social value into economic value, by combine talents from a wide variety of disciplines, forming a team of professionals who are fully committed to social causes. / We make the most out of state of the art management practices, technology, and applied sciences and adapt them to social contexts, to create permanent, scalable, efficient, and effective solutions.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Social Enterprise, Nonprofit / NGO, Community Development, Women's Empowerment

E-Square Inc., based in Tokyo, was founded in September 2000. All our business activities relate to the creation of a "sustainable economy" - E-Square aims to support corporations in the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable society. E-Square Inc. partners with clients to implement the necessary innovations in corporate management and business development.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Sustainability, Human Rights

Urban Systems is a professional services firm dedicated to advancing vibrant communities. We specialize in strategic planning, shared value, economic development, land use planning, environmental science, asset management, energy and community infrastructure (e.g. water, wastewater, transportation systems). Our inter-disciplinary team works with private and public sector clients including local, regional, provincial, federal and Aboriginal governments. We believe that every vibrant community has four things in common: (1) healthy people, (2) connected places, (3) sustainable environment, and (4) a thriving economy. These are the outcomes we strive to achieve with our community partners. 

Areas of Expertise: CSR; Social Enterprise; Business Strategy; Innovation & Design; Measurement, Monitoring & Evaluation


FSG is a nonprofit consulting firm co-founded in 1999 by Mark Kramer and Michael E. Porter, authors of “Creating Shared Value” (Harvard Business Review; 2011). Through its shared value approach area, FSG strives to advance the sharing and exchange of knowledge; to guide learning between companies and across sectors; and to provide consulting services for clients on the shared value journey.

Thaipat Institute is a public organization established in 1999 with its aim in promoting CSR and sustainability practices in private sector. Through its CSV area, Thaipat strives to advance the research and training; and to provide consulting services for companies on the shared value journey.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Sustainability

Expert Aspect International (EAI) is created by joint-venturing between Thaipat Institute and  Image Plus Communication Company Limited. We are working as corporate consulting which specialized on CSV, based in Thailand. Also, planning to expand to other countries in ASEAN region.

Areas of Expertise: SR, Sustainability, Business Strategy


Get Certified in Shared Value

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