The Consulting Affiliate Network is a consortium of independent consulting firms around the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

Affiliates have been selected, trained and certified in shared value consulting by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative. Each firm operates independently in its own geographic region, but shares a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to the practice of shared value. These organizations have been chosen for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact.

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or civil society organization interested in applying the benefits of shared value to your work, or a consulting firm interested in joining this world-class consortium, the Consulting Affiliate Network is an essential partner in creating shared value strategies.

Value Mediation Partners BV is the expert in solving intractable problems and conflicts in innovating agri-businesses with the aid of the Value Mediation Method®. The world in which agri-businesses need to perform is becoming increasingly complex. Expanding and intensifying agri-businesses often lead to considerable conflicts of interest. The underlying values of the different stakeholders often clash and form an obstacle for further improvements. We provide breakthroughs in these apparent impasses with the aid of the Value Mediation Method, a structured approach to innovating agricultural businesses in the metropolitan regions.


Compartamos con Colombia (CCC) is a nonprofit founded in 2001 by 12 professional service firms, including international and local companies. CCC is an innovative social model where knowledge and resources from the private sector are channeled to create and support high impact and innovative social projects.

The University spans all areas of knowledge, from health to the business.  The University is over 20 years old, with over 12,000 students, and is one of the 3 best private universities in Chile.

Ellis Jones delivers research, strategic communication, management consulting and creative content services with social impact. The agency develops shared value as a business practice in Australian firms, NGOs and government organizations.

Banarra enables organizations in their pursuit for a more sustainable future. The firm is Australian-based with a broad range of expertise, including sustainability and corporate responsibility, stakeholder centered strategy development, organizational change, social impact measurement and evaluation, stakeholder engagement, human rights and community relations.

As the leading multilateral lender for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) partners with clients to mainstream shared value investments by offering tailor-made appraisals that demonstrate the financial potential to improve returns both for a client’s business and its community.

3BL (triple bottom line) Associates is a people + planet strategy consultancy that was established to re-imagine a more sustainable Middle East. 

We recognize that in a world of complexity, crosscutting issues like peace, health and climate change cannot be solved in silo. We work at the intersection of these issues through a systems-thinking approach. As a hybrid social enterprise, we have two arms: 

(1) Our consultancy is market-driving through providing social impact and sustainability consultancy services to companies, government, and civil society. 

(2) Our think-do-tank is market-creating through incubating and spinning off our own socially entrepreneurial ventures that address sustainable development issues, as well as contributing thought leadership.

Business strategic scenario-based planning with a shared value perspective.


JS Daw & Associates is a vibrant boutique consultancy. We work with leading business and nonprofit organizations to create innovative and measurement community strategies that create shared value, build meaningful partnerships and deliver positive social results.

Thaipat Institute is a public organization established in 1999 with its aim in promoting CSR and sustainability practices in private sector. Through its CSV area, Thaipat strives to advance the research and training; and to provide consulting services for companies on the shared value journey.


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JS Daw & Associates

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Impact Square

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Regional Partner

The Shared Value Project is our exclusive regional partner in Australia, collaborating with the Initiative to raise awareness and build a global community of shared value practice. Learn about the Shared Value Project