The Consulting Affiliate Network is a consortium of independent consulting firms around the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

Affiliates have been selected, trained and certified in shared value consulting by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative. Each firm operates independently in its own geographic region, but shares a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to the practice of shared value. These organizations have been chosen for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact.

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or civil society organization interested in applying the benefits of shared value to your work, or a consulting firm interested in joining this world-class consortium, the Consulting Affiliate Network is an essential partner in creating shared value strategies.

Avanzi consults across several issues: shared value (assessment, strategy, implementation, accountability); CSR (assessment, strategy, implementation, accountability); and corporate philanthropy (strategy, pilot projects).

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Corporate Philanthropy, Social Enterprise, Sustainability, Innovation and Design, Nonprofit / NGO

S360 is a strategic sustainability agency offering integrated sustainability and communication services. We go by the tagline "great for business, great for society" and work with our clients to create positive impacts which generate great stories. Not only does our firm support clients to develop shared value strategies and assess their socio-economic impact, we actively lead our own social impact investments under the umbrella brand Istanbul Social Enterprise. Our think tank THINK360 focuses on bringing new knowledge and leading trends to Turkey to support capacity development and actively contribute to a systems change toward sustainability.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Sustainability, Marketing, Communications, PR, Brand

Pragmaxion provides consulting services and offers 3 inter-related types of interventions: operational effectiveness and efficiency; shared value strategy and deployment; and development of customer-oriented processes and teams.

Areas of Expertise: Business Strategy, Organizational Change, Professional Services and Consulting

JS Daw & Associates is a vibrant boutique consultancy. We work with leading business and nonprofit organizations to create innovative and measurement community strategies that create shared value, build meaningful partnerships and deliver positive social results. 

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Philanthropy, Business Strategy, Energy and Extractives, Cross-Sectoral Partnerships

Since its founding in 1984, FUNDES has been a pioneering and visionary organization in developing the private sector in Latin America. FUNDES seeks to enable sustainable growth thorough the creation of more productive and competitive MSMEs, which generate quality jobs and higher household income.

Cohesion is a business consultancy specializing in 360º brand strategies. After a diagnosis, we develop a total brand plan in line with business strategy focused on creating value and delivering a differentiating promise at every point of contact.

The Terrace is the agency for positive change. Founded in 2008, The Terrace is a strategy agency with the purpose to empower change-makers – the ones who feel urged to lead the transition towards a world that is characterized by cutting-edge thinking, collaboration and meaningful actions. We make the complex simple by offering creativity, commitment & courage. Our services include facilitating multi stakeholder dialogues, building brave brands and strategies to future proof your business.

Areas of Expertise: Sustainability, Business Strategy, Marketing, Communications, PR, Brand

Cre-en Inc. conducts business with the mission of “creating a future for Earth filled with radiant smiles” and the vision of “realizing a sustainable society.”  To achieve this, it provides consulting services in the area of shared value strategies, CSR management, long-term scenario analysis, and more.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Corporate Philanthropy, Sustainability, Business Strategy

E-Square Inc., based in Tokyo, was founded in September 2000. All our business activities relate to the creation of a "sustainable economy" - E-Square aims to support corporations in the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable society. E-Square Inc. partners with clients to implement the necessary innovations in corporate management and business development.

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Sustainability, Human Rights

Ulula provides mobile technology solutions to engage communities, business and government to manage risks and foster shared value. 

Areas of Expertise: CSR, Sustainability, Measurement, Monitoring, Evaluation, Agriculture, Energy and Extractives, Community Development, Human Rights, Poverty


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