The Consulting Affiliate Network is a consortium of independent consulting firms around the world that are trained to provide shared value consulting services to corporations, governments and civil society organizations.

Affiliates have been selected, trained and certified in shared value consulting by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative. Each firm operates independently in its own geographic region, but shares a common understanding, methodology, and commitment to the practice of shared value. These organizations have been chosen for their thought leadership, consulting expertise and experience in designing initiatives that combine business growth and social impact.

Whether you are a corporation, government agency or civil society organization interested in applying the benefits of shared value to your work, or a consulting firm interested in joining this world-class consortium, the Consulting Affiliate Network is an essential partner in creating shared value strategies.

Banarra enables organizations in their pursuit for a more sustainable future. The firm is Australian-based with a broad range of expertise, including sustainability and corporate responsibility, stakeholder centered strategy development, organizational change, social impact measurement and evaluation, stakeholder engagement, human rights and community relations.

Evolution & Philanthropy is a UK-registered nonprofit knowledge management organization that is a part of large holding and work mainly in Russia. In order to promote knowledge and support its implementation we work as a capacity building and field–building organization as well through conducting workshops, trainings, conferences and educational courses. Our primary beneficiaries are our strategic businesses and NGO-partners that we provided with knowledge and consultation in the field of measurement, reporting, fundraising and financial sustainability. We provide best practices for our strategic business partners in the field of CSR, corporate philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

PROFITAS is the leading political and regulatory advisory firm in Ecuador. We help companies manage their non-market environment and deal effectively with the opportunities and threats it poses to their business activities.

Cre-en Inc. conducts business with the mission of “creating a future for Earth filled with radiant smiles” and the vision of “realizing a sustainable society.”  To achieve this, it provides consulting services in the area of shared value strategies, CSR management, long-term scenario analysis, and more.

Since its founding in 1984, FUNDES has been a pioneering and visionary organization in developing the private sector in Latin America. FUNDES seeks to enable sustainable growth thorough the creation of more productive and competitive MSMEs, which generate quality jobs and higher household income.

Cohesion is a business consultancy specializing in 360º brand strategies. After a diagnosis, we develop a total brand plan in line with business strategy focused on creating value and delivering a differentiating promise at every point of contact.

Phil Preston & Associates provides speaking, facilitating, mentoring and consulting in the area of change management and innovation, including shared value strategies for corporate and NGO sector organizations and thought leadership / communications.

JS Daw & Associates is a vibrant boutique consultancy. We work with leading business and nonprofit organizations to create innovative and measurement community strategies that create shared value, build meaningful partnerships and deliver positive social results.

Net Balance is one of Australia’s largest providers of sustainability advice, assurance and research, combining strategic advice with rigorous technical capabilities. The firm works across several service lines to cover the full value chain of sustainability needs of its clients.

Incite is a leading consultancy that that is rethinking sustainability to help business do better. Our mission is to galvanize the business contribution to societal change. Through our well networked team we work with influential public and private sector clients in sustainability strategy, reporting, communications and advocacy. Our offerings are best-in-class, competitively priced and meticulously delivered. Over the years we have built up a global network of partners that provides us with the opportunity to listen, learn and collaborate to deliver on our mission.


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