The INGO Shared Value Working Group

International nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) are in a time of transition. They face disruptions from new development actors, stagnant public budgets, and high opportunity costs to pursue innovation. Increasingly, INGOs are pursuing shared value as an opportunity to both address funding needs and explore new pathways to creating sustainable impact at scale. Since 2014, FSG and the Shared Value Initiative have convened a working group of leading INGOs with the aim of expanding opportunities and improving the process for INGOs to develop shared value partnerships with corporations.


Leading Shared Value INGOs







Reflections from the INGO Community

Finding Common Ground in Shared Value Partnership - Andrea Eschen - Director of Development, Population Council

Get to Know Your New Corporate Partner: 18 Questions to Ask - Carol Moore - Director, Global Alliances & Strategic Initiatives, Heifer International

Talking shared value & smart business in Rome - Blakey Emmett - Senior Director, Global Corporate Engagement, Pact

Swiping Right on Corporate Partnerships - Emilee Kaufman - Associate Manager, Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy, PSI


Group Objectives

  1. Improve the process for INGOs to develop shared value partnerships with corporations

  2. Expand opportunities for creating shared value partnerships with corporations by fostering collaboration among INGOs


Capacity Building


Provide knowledge exchange among INGOs

Train INGO staff in shared value best practices



Corporate Sponsor







Pact: Innovating for Shared Value

Read more about Pact's story of recognizing the opportunity for shared value partnerships. Read Case Study