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Note: The below list is an evolving list of some of the organizations, tools, and resources we’ve come across in our work over the past several years. We think it can help you too! Please do note, however, that this does not represent a formal endorsement or ranking of these services on behalf of FSG and the Shared Value Initiative.

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Join FSG's Bootcamps! For Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, or Operations leaders at companies looking for innovative and evidence-based ways to access and retain new pools of talent. This 4-day experience will inspire and support leaders to be change makers at their company so they are equipped to address their most pressing talent issues.

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Generation, with generous support from the Rockefeller Foundation, is seeking to increase the adoption of impact hiring practices amongst employers through a three-pronged approach:

  • Launching diagnostic tools to allow employers to map their current state of impact hiring, pain points and the ROI of specific interventions
  • Piloting a set of interventions to specifically target pain points and improve employer and employee outcomes
  • Sharing tools and pilot findings to ease and encourage the adoption of  impact hiring practices more broadly

As a part of this work, we are excited to share two offerings at REWIRE, appropriate for any employer interested in increasing employment opportunities for marginalized populations:

  • Diagnostic tool: a web-based tool to enable employers to fully capture the costs to recruit, train and retain entry-level employees, the first step in sizing pain points and estimating the ROI of impact hiring practices
  • Pilot opportunity: we are seeking partners interested in working with Generation to diagnose, design and implement impact hiring strategies at their company. Our flagship partners will work with a full-time, dedicated team that will provide hands on support and resources to implement an intervention of the employer partner's choosing.

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Grads of Life

Grads of Life helps employers strengthen their workforce by connecting them to an untapped talent pool: motivated young adults who do not yet have a college degree. We help employers apply the best practices in talent pipeline development and management to their businesses. Our custom solutions are designed to yield business value while also giving employers an opportunity to reinvest in their communities.

Year Up

Year Up envisions a future in which every young adult will be able to reach their potential.

Year Up's mission is to close the Opportunity Divide by providing urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support that will empower them to reach their potential through professional careers and higher education.

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Genesys Works

Genesys Works provides pathways to career success for high school students in underserved communities through skills training, meaningful work experience, and impactful relationships.

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Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth across America.

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WorkLab Innovations

WorkLab members partner with businesses to scale innovative talent strategies that improve retention, attendance, engagement, and productivity. 

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100,000 Opportunities

Launched in August 2015, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is the largest employer-led coalition focused on hiring opportunity youth.The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is a unique alliance of private, public and philanthropic organizations working together.

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“Best of” Research: Evidence-Based Talent Solutions

FSG: Investing in Entry-Level Talent: Retention Strategies that Work highlights 4 evidence-based strategies for effective retention and advancement, backed by 14 practical suggestions for implementation as exhibited by companies like The Container Store, Verizon Wireless, Gap Inc., Wegmans Food Markets, and many others.

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Service Providers

Many of the following organizations work across categories, but we’ve clustered them according to their predominate employer offerings to best help you navigate. 

Recruitment & Pipeline

Locating and hiring from untapped talent pools.

  • Aspen Forum for Community Solutions — Working locally in 12+ places across the country to advance training, education, and workforce outcomes for disconnected populations. 
  • Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) — Providing job training and placement for those with a criminal record.
  • Jobs for the Future — Works with supply side organizations (CBOs, community colleges, training providers, schools) to help advance needed changes, and build partnerships with employers to meet critical business needs.
  • LeadersUp — Working in Los Angeles, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area to provide the talent solutions services for employers and hiring opportunities for young adults.   
  • National Fund for Workforce Solutions — Working nationally and in our more than 30 partner communities to scale innovative models that connect individuals to in-demand skills, generate good jobs, and help employers find and develop the talent critical for their success.          
  • Opportunity@Work — Building partnerships with employers, community organizations, civic leaders, and job seekers to create pathways to meaningful jobs and fulfilling careers. Their technology platform (TechHire) connects job seekers to companies interesting in hiring based on skills, rather than traditional, outdated credentials.             
  • Per Scholas — Provide IT job training to individuals in select cities; curriculum designed in partnership with employers.       
  • RoiKoi — Digital employee referral software that targets and results in more diverse hires.
  • Source America — Work with employers to identify employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Skill Assessment

Assessing capabilities and skills for candidates and incumbent workers in more innovative and effective ways.

  • Knack — Providing digital mobile games and technology to employers as a new way to assess skills, aptitude, and potential.
  • Pymetrics — Digital assessment technology that uses proven neuroscience games and cutting edge AI to improve the way companies attract, select, and retain talent.
  • Skillist — Online job application platform that helps employers find and assess talent based on a standard set of skills.

​Support & Retention

Ensuring employees have the support they need to be productive and effective in their current roles, as well as advance through organizations and industries.

  • edNavigator — Work with employers to boost employee morale, reduce turnover, and cut costs while improving outcomes for all.  

Employer Coalitions & Networks

Communities that foster peer-to-peer employer learning and network building.

  • B-Lab — Community of employers that meet the highest standards of verified, overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.
  • BSR — Network of more than 250 member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world, including inclusive employment practices.
  • Ready to Work Business Collaborative — Partner with employers to achieve their business goals, tapping into new talent pools (long term unemployed, disability, etc.)
  • SHRM — The largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members in more than 165 countries. Leading provider of resources serving the needs of HR professionals and advancing the practice of human resource management. 

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