By: Dhaval Chadha | Founding Partner at Cria | July 2nd, 2013

Forthcoming in 2014

Learn Michael E. Porter's and Mark Kramer’s approach to creating shared value at your company, and use it to unlock a new wave of innovation and competitive advantage. By analyzing social needs as business opportunities, shared value presents a new way for companies to discover new products and markets, increase productivity in the value chain, and improve the social conditions that define their competitive context. Many of the world’s leading companies have already begun to build shared value into their corporate strategy and competitive positioning. Join other corporate leaders in applying this concept to your own enterprise.

This two and a half day course on gaining competitive advantage through shared value was designed by Porter and Kramer, the co-authors of the original Harvard Business Review article “Creating Shared Value” that introduced and defined the concept. The faculty includes Mark Kramer and a team of experts who have designed and implemented shared value strategies for leading global companies across diverse industries, including healthcare, extractives, financial services, technology, food and beverage, and consumer goods.  Through case studies and participatory exercises, participants will gain the practical insights and specialized tools they need to develop realistic shared value strategies that work inside their own organizations at both the business unit and overall enterprise levels. In addition, participants will learn:

  • How shared value differs from and can be integrated with traditional approaches to corporate strategy, philanthropy, and CSR
  • How to assess readiness within your company so that you know when the time is right to launch a shared value initiative
  • Case studies on how shared value initiatives have been successfully implemented at Fortune 500 companies
  • Approaches to measuring both the business and social impact of shared value for internal and external stakeholders
  • Ways to embed shared value thinking throughout the enterprise
  • Experiences of peer executives at other corporations that have embraced shared value strategies
  • Techniques for advancing shared value thinking among top corporate leadership

The course is designed for mid-to-senior-level executives and other corporate leaders drawn from a cross-section of private sector industries and companies. The workshop-style curriculum includes classroom-style lectures, case studies, videos, interactive exercises, and tailored case work--all designed to promote peer interaction and learning.  The course is sponsored by the Shared Value Initiative, a nonprofit organization.

Prospective participants, please contact Stacy Neal, Program Manager at 617-502-6186 or

Mark Kramer, co-founder and managing director, FSG and senior advisor, Shared Value Initiative